The Romanian soccer team trained by Dan Petrescu, ex-Chelsea, is Romania's new champion. Ialomita's Cheslea, Dan Petrescu's team nickname, is the huge surprise of the first league, having won against bigger teams, like Dinamo, Steaua, Rapid or CFR Cluj. Without soccer VIPs featuring the team, Unirea Urziceni impressed through seriousness and determination. Bilasco, Galmaz and co will play this autumn in Champions League groups.

Gica Popescu, Dan Petrescu ex-national team mate, said in an interview for Sportro that coach Petrescu was extremely tense before the game. He hoped Dan Petrescu will coach the national team one day. The Badger, as Dan Petrescu ic nicknamed, declared after the game that he did not believe until four games ago that he could win the champion title.

"I've been keeping a lot inside for the last 10 days. (...) We did not play well at al, today, but the championship is won with such matches. Steaua played very good against us. We did not deserve more than a tie today, there was a bullet passing by our ear. This is a miracle, I didn't expect us to win the title. I started hoping four games behind. (...) I'm glad Steaua will go to Europe, the team is close to my heart. (...) I have forgotten how it is to win a championship. It's not easy, you need a lot of inspiration. Mr. Bucsaru is a discrete person, an example to follow. Owners should mix with the team's decisions", Dan Petrescu said after winning against Steaua on Wednesday.

Unirea Urziceni, Steaua, FC Cluj and Vaslui will play in the Champions League, whereas Dinamo and FC Timisoara still have to fight to qualify for the groups.

Unirea Urziceni managed a 1-1 score against Steaua, winning the champion title tonight. The first goal belonged to Steaua, minute 46, when Bogdan Stancu marked. But Petrescu's team took their revenge and Rusescu scored, minute 54, with his left foot.

Steaua qualified for the Champions league, but put the team's owner Gigi Becali to a tremendous stress. He admitted being exhausted after the match. This is the forst time in history when Unirea Urziceni wins the title. Rapid and Universitatea Craiova missed the qualification for the European cup.

The teams:

Unirea: Arlauskis - Bordeanu, Mehmedovic, B. Fernandes, Brandan - Ricardo - Apostol, T. Balan, Paduretu, Varga - Danalache

Steaua: Zapata - Ogararu, Goian, Ghionea, P. Marin - Lovin, Bicfalvi - Szekely, A. Ionescu, Nicolita- B. Stancu

Other results

FC Brasov won against FC Timisoara, score 1-0. The match took place in Brasov. Hadnagy scored, minute 87. Timisoara is oput of the cards.

The teams:

FC Brasov: Stelea - Cr. Ionescu, Abrudan, N. Constantin, Oros - C. Munteanu, Ilyes, Maldarasanu, Adriano, M. Roman - Sburlea

FC Timisoara: Pantilimon - Badoi, Cisovsky, Luchin, Latovlevici - Curtean, Scutaru, Stancu, Borbely, Art. Karamyan - Arm. Karamyan

These are the final results:

FINAL U Craiova - FC Vaslui 0-1 (Wesley `12)

FINAL Gloria Buzau - Gloria Bistrita 2-1

FINAL Rapid - Poli Iasi 2-2 (Spadacio `60, Herea `66/ Andrei Cristea `10 `21)

FINAL Urziceni - Steaua 1-1 (Rusescu `54/ Stancu `46)

FINAL FC Arges - Dinamo 5-2 (Cazan `10 Iordache `45 Dulcea `53/ Zicu `30, Mitea `93)

FINAL FC Brasov - FC Timisoara 1-0 (Hadnagy `88)

FINAL Pandurii - Otelul 1-0 (Vasilache `4)

FINAL Gaz Metan - CFR Cluj 2-0 (Bud `47)

FINAL CS Otopeni - Farul 6-0 (Iacob `4 `34 `50, Vali Negru `58, Pana `76, Draghici `85)

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