Cartel Alfa union members will organise a 15 minutes strike on Friday morning, starting 9AM. The strike aims to attract the Government awareness the fact that anti-crisis measures have been tot applied in relationship with the social partners in June.

The unionists say that most Anti-crisis plan measures are not implemented or wrongly conceived. For example, the normative act regarding technical redundancy was erroneously conceived and formulated. Therefore, its implementation leads to disastrous results on companies and employees. The union members request partial technical redundancy on for the affected departments, and not general technical redundancy and shutting down the company.

They also urge for immediate infrastructure investment, to increase the number of jobs and preserve the existent ones in the affiliated industries.

Other disgruntlements:

  • The executive says the pension regulating special laws should be dissolved, but it did not consult the social partners on the issue.
  • The labour law was not renewed - the Law for collective labour contracts and the Law for work conflicts.

The confederation will organise their protest actions in the beginning of July: a rally and a protest march, according to CNS Cartel Alfa president Bogdan Hossu.