Am American citizen of Romanian origin was sentenced for approximately three years to jail: he got involved in exporting pieced for military aircrafts to Iran, breaching the Teheran embargo, according to a Justice Department report, quoted by Reuters. Traian Bujduveanu, owner of American flight company Plantation from Florida, pleaded guilty for all accusations.

Bujduveanu admitted to selling parts ordered by Hassan Keshari, an American of Iranian origin, for Iranian clients. Keshari owned his own company, Kesh Air International.

After receiving its money, Bujduveanu was sending the parts in Dubai, from where the goods were taken to Iran, the official communiqué shows.

Among the sold goods, there were F-14 fighter aircraft parts, for military Cobra helicopters and for C-53 helicopters, all made in US and listed on the Iranian army inventory.

Judge Patricia Seitz sentenced the American of Romanian origin to 35 months in prison. Keshari was sentenced last month to 17 months of jail.