Depeche Mode announced the cancellation of eight concerts, which were previously supposed to take place between May 12 and June 8, Emagic entertainment informs. Among the cancelled shows is the concert in Bucharest, arranged to take place in Parcul Izvor.

The announcement was made on Friday: eight open air concerts, part of the Tour of the Universe, are cancelled. They could not take place at the schedule time because of a surgical intervention the lead singer suffered. The band representatives and the local organisers could not find a suitable time for rescheduling the show.

The band members regret the fact that that their schedule will not allow them to sing in all the cities included on the original tour list. "We hoped until the last moment that we'll manage to reschedule the cancelled concerts. We gathered from discussions that coming back to Bucharest was one of the band's priorities. Unfortunately, the busy schedule did not allow the band to include any concert in the tour breaks", Emagic manager Laura Coroianu said.

Those who wish to have their ticket reimbursed should claim the price of the ticket from the agencies where they bought it, starting from June 12, for a period of 12 weeks. Those holding a ticket for the concert in Bucharest can exchange it for a B'estfest.