This is the second time Petrom increases the prices in less than a week. The company will charge more for its gasoline (+ 7 bani per litre) and diesel (+ 6 bani per litre). The increase in price was triggered by the international trends or so the company announced, according to Romanian News agency NewsIn.

Leadless Premium gasoline will cost 3.74 lei/litre, leadless Top Premium 99+ gasoline – 4.07 lei/litre, and OMV Carrera 95 and OMV Carrera 100 will sell for 3.84 and 4.47 lei/litre, respectively.

Top Euro Diesel 5 will be charged at 3.61 lei, one litre of OMV Sprint Diesel will cost 3.66 lei, Euro Diesel 5 will amount to 3.48 lei/litre, while OMV Premium Diesel will be 3.94 lei.