The case Quality Trophy, in which former PM Adrian Nastase was judged for bribe tacking at the Court of Justice was suspended on Tuesday after one lawyer contested the constitutionality of Ordinance 134/2005, on the organization of the anti-graft department. Thus, the case will be sent to the Constitutional Court to rule on the matter. This is the second victory for the day for Nastase after the Chamber of Deputies suspended the meeting in which Deputies were due to decide whether Nastase should be investigated or not.

On Tuesday the judge told Nastase's lawyers that the Ordinance contradicts article 115, lines 4 and 6 of the Constitution which rule that the government can adopt ordinances only in exceptional cases. The exception was acknowledged by all lawyers part of the trial.

The file investigates former PM Adrian Nastase, accused of illegally using money for the 2004 electoral campaign. Since the felony was made while Nastase was head of the Social Democratic Party and not when he was Prime Minister, he is not protected by any law and anti-graft prosecutors were able to send his file to trial without the consent of the Parliament.

Adrian Nastase is accused of taking 10 million Romanian lei from fictive commercial activities, which he used in his 2004 electoral campaign.