Moldavian Foreign Affairs minister declared that the visa regime for Romania will be maintained until Romanian authorities will agree to sign the Borders Agreement with the Republic of Moldova, and the basic treaty, a press release of the institution reads. Moldovan authorities declared that Romanian authorities are compelled to treat Moldovan citizens fair, as stipulated in the agreements already existent between the two parties.

EU Council adopted on Monday, at Luxembourg a declaration urging Moldovan authorities to ensure a fair treatment for all EU citizens when it comes to visa requirements, alluding to the visa regime imposed to Romania.

Romanian Foreign Affairs minister, Cristian Diaconescu declared that the EU will condition any negotiations with Moldova on democratic measures. His Moldovan counterpart declared that the Romanian minister forgot Romania's obligations not to interfere in Moldova's internal politics.

Moldova introduced visa requirements for all Romanian citizens in April, as a response to the presumed involvement of our country in Moldova's popular unrest against the government, following local elections on April 5.