Air France executive manager announced on Friday that the company will offer a 17,500 initial fee to the families of the May 31 Rio-Paris victims, according to AFP. The company's solicitors will make sure the money gets to the right people.

228 persons from 32 countries lost their lives after the Airbus 330 flying from Rio de Janeiro-Paris crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Air France executive manager Phillipe Gourgeon said the company will focus on making sure the family of each victim will receive an initial sum of 17,500 euros. He said accepting the money does not imply anything else. Contacting the families was not an easy mission, he added.

Gourgeon declared the company intends to organise a memorial to honour the victims. The company's decision to award a fee was born after the victims' families accused Air France for "lack of sympathy" and for not informing them early on the investigations.

Phillipe Gourgeon said the company's next aim is to find the aircraft's black boxes.