44,287 swine flu cases reported in 95 countries and 180 deceased - this is the last survey published the World Health Organisation. According to the last report, dating Wednesday and published on Thursday, there were 4,667 new cases and 13 deceased.

Most cases are recorded in the United States (17,855 cases and 44 dead), Mexico (7,624 cases and 113 dead), Canada (4,905 cases and 12 dead), Chile (3,125 cases and two dead) and Australia (2,199 cases and no dead).

The H1N1 virus killed one person in Europe so far, namely in Great Britain. Britain is also the European state with most swine flu patients (1,752 cases and one dead), followed by Spain (512 cases, no dead), Germany (238 cases, no dead) and France (131 cases, no dead).