Brazilian authorities have identified 11 of the 50 bodies recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, after the Air France Airbus crashed at the end of May. Fingerprints and dental prints helped identify the corpses.

The bodies of ten Brazilians (five men and five women) and of one foreign citizen have been identified so far, authorities from Pernambuco sate announced.

Families of the Brazilian victims have been contacted in this sense by the police. The embassy of the country of provenance of the 11th victim has been notified as well. Brazilian authorities did not offer any other detail related to their findings. Most of the recovered bodies have undergone.

Air France Airbus 330 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean during the night of May 31 - June 1, carrying 228 persons on board. This is by far the greatest tragedy in the history of the French air company. The causes remain unknown. Recovery actions are resumed in a region 1,000 kilometres away from the Brazilian coast.

A French submarine is engaged in the race to retrieve the plane's black boxes. The signal indicating the boxes' positions will cease in one week.