Romanian Sorana Carstea won against Edina Gallovits, score 7-5, 6-1, and qualified into Wimbledon's second women's round, after a matched she started with a very faded tennis. Sorana, Wimbledon's favourite no. 28, came back after she saw herself being led with 4-0 in the first set. She closed the game quickly, so that Edina would not become a problem in the second set. The match lasted for one hour and 16 minutes.

Gallovits - Cirstea 5-7 1-6

Gallovits - Cirstea match statistics:

First service efficiency: 47% / 52%

Winning strikes: 22 / 21

Aces: 0 / 2

Double faults: 4 / 2

Faults: 17 / 1

Total earned points: 48 / 61

Edina started the match in the best manner, quickly advancing to 4-0. Sorana's tennis had many faults, which allowed her opponent to play her strategy. At score 4-0, Sorana came back, Edina started to commit more faults and Sorana brought the score to 4-4. The matched was balanced until 5-6, when Gallovits lost her calm and her service's set. For the second set, Sorana seemed completely recovered, and did not allow no. 96 WAT to score more than one game.