The swine flu continues to spread, particularly in the Southern hemisphere. The virus contaminated so far 52,160 persons in 100 countries and killed 231 people, according to the World Health Organisation latest survey published on Monday, according to AFP. From the WHO survey on Friday, 7,873 new cases and 51 deaths have been recorded.

The number of patients is higher in the United States (+3,594, 21,449 cases, out of which 87 dead), Chile (+1.190 la 4.315 cases, out of which 4 dead), in Great Britain (+754 la 2.506 cases, out of which one dead), in Canada (+805, 5,710 cases, out of which 13 dead), in Australia (+237, 2,436 cases, out of which one dead), in Japan (+160, 850 cases) and in Argentina (+92, 1,010 cases, out of which 7 dead).

Romania confirmed 18 swine flu cases. There are only two patients currently hospitalised.