has written about the recent row in the Liberal-Democratic Party, triggered by a Hungarian MEP. After Elena Basescu, Romanian incumbent president daughter, expressed her wish to join the European Popular Party, an EPP member, Hungarian MEP Laszlo Surijan, questioned her possible EPP membership in an email sent to all his colleagues.

Some of the questions Laszlo Surjan read: "Is it in our interest to accept the candidacy of a person who made ambiguous public declarations regarding drug policy? Is it acceptable for us when a person wins election supported by her family name? Do we back nepotism?"

Elena Basescu replied by accusing Andreea Vlass, PD-L colleague, current PM advisor and Theodor Stolojan (European PD-L group leader) ex-advisor. EBA said that Vass, friend of the Hungarian MEP, attacked some of the party's members but was not backed by any organisation. She said the blonde from PD-L was also the course for her current EPP troubles.

In reply, Andreea Vass wrote on her blog that she was surprised to read EBA's declarations and that there was clearly a person misinforming her. Vass denied she had attacks anyone and recognised that, at that time, she did say, without any shadow of doubt, that Elena Basescu candidacy on PD-L's lists could bring prejudices to both the President and the party.

Andreea Vass denied that she befriended the Hungarian MEP. "If I had been, I would have recommended him to talk to the UDMR leaders, so that these would stop asking for autonomy for the Romanian regions with a Hungarian population majority", she writes on her blog.

Theodor Stolojan agrees with Vass regarding Elena Basescu being ill informed. He also said that Surijan's attempt to prevent EBA from joining the EPP had no chance for success, with or without voting for her EPP membership.