Duncan McDougall, an American professor at Plymouth State University, came in Romania a year ago, with a Fulbright scholarship to teach at Babes Bolyai University, in Cluj Napoca, Central Romania. McDougall talks about his experience in Romania and about the Romanian educational system in an interview for HotNews Student.

In his view, a good professor is a good performer, as they need to attract the attention of their students. His previous experience in business helped him substantiate his academic knowledge and offer students a hands on approach: students can learn from the books by themselves, McDougall said. It is my job to illustrate how theory blends into practice.

Babes Bolyai University initiated a partnership program with the Business department of Plymouth State University in New Hampshire four years ago. Last year, McDougall was offered the opportunity to come to Romania for one year to teach some classes and offer Romanians some advice in the development of their curricula.

Romanian students will receive a diploma from Plymouth State University, recognized all over the world. About his Romanian students, McDougall said that they gain more knowledge from high school than their American counterparts and most of them have a perfect English in terms of grammar, which is not always the case for American students.