The Iranian Ambassador in Bucharest Hamid Reza Arshadi was invited by Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE) to be presented with Romania's position regarding the EU-Iran relationships. EU's Czech Presidency asked the state members for such initiatives, out of solidarity with the European states accused by Iran of involvement in the Teheran social unrest. Iran blamed Great Britain of interfering in the state's inner issues and asked for the diplomatic relations with Germany and France to be reconsidered. Romania pointed out that these accusations were "unacceptable and groundless".

Romanian officials expressed concern regarding the attitude Teheran authorities showed in handling the social unrest from the Iranian capital. Romania underlined the importance for Iran to respect the human rights and the freedom of speech.

The Czech EU presidency asked the state members to consider summoning the Iranian ambassadors and protesting against the violence in Iran, out of solidarity with the states Iran accused of being involved in the violent social unrest in Teheran, pointing its finger towards Great Britain.

The Iranian government had previously summoned the 27 EU ambassadors in Teheran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked Great Britain and the United States to stay away from the inner Iranian issues on Sunday, Reuters informs. The British Ambassador replied by stating that Iran is mistaking to blame other countries for the protests in Teheran.

"I categorically reject the idea that the protesters in Iran are manipulated or motivated by other states", David Milliband said. "Great Britain is firm about the fact that the Iranian people is the one choosing its government", he added.

The Iranian Parliament requested for a reconsiderations of the diplomatic relationships with Great Britain, France and Germany, because of the "shameful statements" regarding the Iranian presidential elections. Several Western countries criticised the elections, but the Iranian government criticised the opposition saying the elections were a fraud.