UPDATE The father of the only survivor of the Airbus A310 crash into the Indian Ocean said his daughter got away with several burns and a broken clavicle, according to CNN. "She didn't feel a thing. She found herself in water", Kassim Bakari declared for a French radio station. "She managed to hold on to a piece of something", he added.

Teen Baya, living in Marseille, manage to survive the crash with only several cuts, knee burns and a broken clavicle, after the aircraft, property of Yemenia company", crashed in the Indian Ocean, while it tried to land on Moroni airport.

A surgeon from Moroni hospital, Ben Imani, told Reuters the young girl was "out of danger. She is very calm given the shock she suffered".

The teen's father said that his daughter and wife flew to Comoro Islands to visit relatives. "When I had her on the phone, I asked her what happened and she said, 'Daddy, I don't know what happened, but the plane fell into the water and I found myself in the water ... surrounded by darkness. I could not see anyone,'" Bakari said.

One member of the rescue teams declared for French Radio Station Europe 1 that the girl was spotted in the ocean waters, next to the dead bodies and plane debris, two hours after the plane had crashed. We tried to throw a life buoy. She could not grab it. I had to jump in the water to get her," the rescuer said, according to AFP. According to him, she was continuously shaking. She was covered in blankets and given warm, sweetened water".

Bakari told reporters he had no hope in seeing either his daughter or wife after learning about the accident. "She is a very, very shy girl. I would never have thought she would have survived like this. I can't say that it's a miracle, I can say that it is God's will", he said. The girl was told that her mother was alive, in the next room, to not increase her trauma.

The young girl is to return to France as soon as she starts feeling better.

11:25 There is only one survivor of the Airbus A310 crash near the Comoro Islands on the night of Monday to Tuesday. She is a 14 years old from France, Marseille and was travelling with her mother, a member of Comoro community declared, AFP informs.

The survivor's name is Bakari Baya. She was rescued by the Comoro teams and is presently hospitalised at El Maarouf hospital, Comore Association Marseille coordinator stated, conforming the data supplied by the Red Cross and the government.

Initially, Reuters announced the only survivor was a five years old child.

Red Cross spokesperson, Ramulati Ben Ali, said a 14 year old girl was hospitalised with the hospital in Moroni, in a condition that "did not inspire any concern".

One black box was retrieved

One of the Airbus 310 black boxes, belonging to Yemenia company, has been localised on Tuesday afternoon and the retrieving procedures start n Wednesday. "The black box signal was localised yesterday at 4:30 PM local hour (12:30 GMT) by an air patrol, 40 kilometres away from the Grand Comore island", French state secretary for Cooperation Alain Joyandet declared on Wednesday.

One Airbus A310 aircraft was flying on the route Paris-Marsillia-Sanaa-Moroni, with 153 persons on board, when it crushed on the night from Monday to Tuesday in the Indian Ocean, near the Comoro islands.