There were three swine flu cases recorded in Romania on Friday. One of them is more complicated, because the patient suffers of pneumonia as well, Romanian Ministry of Health announced. Romania currently counts 41 patients infected with A/H1N1.

The three patients are: a 27-year old man from Bucharest, retuned from Mexico, a 25-year old man from Brasov and a 22-year old woman from Galati, both travelling in from Great Britain.

Doctors say that this is the first time medical authorities see a complicated swine flu case: the patient from Galati suffers of pneumonia as well. With this in mind, she was transferred to "Matei Bals" Institute in Bucharest, where she receives adequate care.

The 27-year old man is also hospitalised at "Matei Bals" Institute, while the 25-year old man is at the Infectious Diseases Hospital from Brasov, both mildly affected.

Medical authorities have started an epidemiologic investigation on the people who made contact with the last three patients. Romania currently counts 41 patients infected with swine flu.