presented live images transmitted online by E! Online, CBS and USA Today channels from the ceremonies organized in the honour of Michael Jackson at the Staples Center and the Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles on Tuesday. According to American news channels, Michael Jackson's coffin was presented to all fans gathered in LA, and then buried at Staples Center.

9:15pm Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson talk about Michael's charitable acts

9pm Stevie Wonder declared that this is a moment he did not want to live

8:55pm Berry Gordy, founder of the Motown house said that Michael was like a son for him. Lionel Ritchie sang in his memory

8:45pm Queen Latifah declared that Michael was the biggest star on earth

8:40pm Mariah Carey sang "I'll be there" while a giant screen portrayed images with Michael

8:30 pm Michael Jackson's coffin, covered in roses arrived to the Staples Center.

8pm The police estimates that over 50,000 people are nearby Staples center in LA

7pm The private burial at Forest Lawn is over.

6pm A group of protesters are nearby the ceremony yelling "Jacko in hell" while thousands of fans are gathered t Staples Center

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