After the public homage ceremony, Michael Jackson's golden coffin, covered in flowers, was immediately taken out of Staples Center. But there isn't any proof that the coffin's destination was Forest Lawn cemetery. TV helicopters followed the procession, but they lost the hearse, while the Jackson family's limos drove to a luxury hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills, according to France Presse.

On the other hand, the website - the first media to announce Michael Jackson's passing away - read that the artist's coffin was not taken to Forest Lawn or any other Los Angeles cemetery, adding that the hearse was most probably bait for the fans and journalists. reporters managed to get hold of Michael Jackson's death certificate, according to which the cause that lead to the death of the artist is unknown.

Forest Lawn cemetery representatives, renowned for their discretion, were firm and announced they won't release any information regarding Michael Jackson's funeral services. On top of that, the police refused to make any comment on the subject.