Sorina Luminita Placinta, elected Senator in 2008, is Romanian prime minister Emil Boc's proposal to take over as Youth And Sports minister, a position left vacant on Tuesday as Monica Iacob Ridzi announced her resignation. Placinta's blog and wealth statement show the future minister is a prosperous business woman in textile and construction industries, who owns a house in Switzerland among others.

Her resume and her statements as a Senator show no relation with the activities a minister of Youth and Sports is in charge with.

Sorina Placinta is deputy head of the group of friendship with Sweden, the country of origin of her husband, Stefan Sobota. She is an MP for the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), elected in Vrancea county. She is a member of the European Affairs commission of the Romanian Parliament and deputy head of the commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development.

She is due to be officially named in office on Tuesday evening.

The head of the Vrancea district council, Marian Oprisan of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, allied with PD-L in the governing coalition) criticized for on Tuesday the PD-L decision to propose Placinta for the ministerial seat, saying that "she did not come up with anything as a politician. Well, she did - by providing suits free of charge to her senatorial colleagues".