Constanta County (South-East Romania) mayor parading in a Nazi suit on a catwalk on Romanian beach on Sunday attracted public criticism. Romanian Radu Ioanid, head of the International Archivist Programmes Holocaust Museum in Washington D C, commented for on Mazare and his son's marching in Nazi suits.

Radu Ioanid qualified the Mazare's public display of Nazi's symbols as "scandalous, unacceptable, it is an insult to the memory of the Holocaust victims". Asked to comment whether the suit was the costume of a German officer or Nazi officer, he said that "the suit in itself represents a Nazi symbol. It was abolished after the war by the states following the third Reich"

Ioanid went on to say that "we could not ignore the fact that the German army participated alongside SS troupes to massive civil deportations and executions all over Europe. Wermacht officers and soldiers took part in 1941, together with Romanian gendarmes, in Iasi (East Romania) in massive killings of the Romanian Jews. Constanta's mayor parading in a German army march is an unbelievable challenging act".

Mazare is member of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD). According to Ioanid, the party should blame Mazare's gesture and take disciplinary measures. "To my knowledge, there isn’t a comparable act within the socialist or social-democratic parties in Europe," he added. He concluded by stating his gesture was an insult not only to the Jews, but also to every group persecuted by the Nazi German state: political prisoners, Roma people, members of certain religious groups.