A new sex scandal in the capital of the Republic of Moldova, the second in only one week. This time in the limelight is Veaceslav Iordan, Moldavian Communist Party’s candidate for Chisinau's town hall in June 2007.

Jurnal TV broadcasted a film, shot with a hidden camera, showing the communist politician having sex with two young women, according to politik.md and unimedia.md.

Veaceslav Iordan is general manager for "Moldavian Waters" (Apele Moldovei) Agency, backed by the communist party.

See the film here.

This is the second sexual scandal in seven days coming from the Republic of Moldova. Romanian consul in Chisinau, Ion Nuica, resigned on July 13, after a clip made it on the internet, apparently depicting him engaged in sexual intercourse with a diplomatic mission staff. The recording was also achieved with the help of a hidden camera.