UPDATE Simon Wiesenthal Centre requested Radu Mazare's resignation from his Constanta mayor role and urged him to apologise for parading in a Nazi suit on a fashion catwalk, according to AFP citing a Centre communiqué.

UPDATE "By wearing a Wehrmacht uniform, you express your support and nostalgia for an army that committed the most atrocious war crimes and genocide acts," said the manager of Wiesenthal Centre from Jerusalem, Efraim Zuroff.

"In these circumstances, the best thing would be to recognise your mistake, apologise and hand in your resignation," Efraim Zuroff underlined.

Efraim Zuroff for RFI

"It was a stupid and disgusting gesture, an insult to the Nazi victims and for every person with moral integrity. This man dressed the uniform of an army that had committed mass crimes, in many East European regions, and which had taken part in the Nazis plan to annihilate all Jews in Europe. I don't believe it is appropriate to honour these people in any way or to approve of their actions, to be nostalgic for Wehrmacht, for the Nazi army," Efraim Zuroff told RFI this morning.

"I don't think that, starting tomorrow, we will say Constanta's residents walking around in Nazi suits, but the mayor's gesture is a form of approving Wehrmacht, an army that committed war crimes and took part in the genocide. Many young people don't have good history knowledge and could wrongly assume that there is no harm when it comes to the Nazi army", Zuroff opinionated.

"I believe that the Jewish and Roma communities from Romania and all Nazi victims deserve some serious apologies. And the fact that he took along his son, dressing him in a similar suit is absolutely outrageous:, concluded "Simon Wiesenthal" Jerusalem centre manager Efraim Zuroff.