Nine of ten Romanians prefer to spend their spare time indoors, in front of the television, a GFK study reveals. Sports activities are not part of their preferences since 60% of the respondents declared that they never practiced any sports. Plus, four out of ten Romanians never touched a book in their life, the study shows.

Brief results of the study:

  • after a working day, nine of ten Romanians watch television
  • 60% of the Romanians do not engage in sports activities
  • 40% of the Romanians receive guests at home, at least once a week
  • 39% of the Romanians never read books
  • two of three Romanians would choose money instead of their spare time

Most Romanians, over 90% opt tp spend their free time in front of the television after a days work. Other activities undertaken at least once a week are shopping for food especially and listening to music.

Romanians seem to rarely enjoy activities such as visiting a museum, an art exhibition or concerts. At a national level, over 60% of the people never enjoy these activities. At least once every week, Romanians greet their friends home. People in Transilvania are found to be more sociable than the rest of the country.