The second IMF installment, part of the foreign loan contracted by Romania will be used to pay for salaries, pensions and infrastructure investments, Democrat Liberals general secretary Vasile Blaga declared for Realitatea FM.

President Basescu himself announced on Wednesday night, in a special edition on Romania's national TV, TVR 1 that he will urge the IMF to deliver the second installment for the state budget and not to the central bank. Basescu added that the budgetary deficit estimated for the end of the year will amount to 8% - 8.5% of GDP, compared to the initial IMF prognosis of 4.6%.

Blaga declared that the governing parties - Democrat Liberals and Social Democrats - will have to reduce the budgetary deficit from 8% to 7.2%. An IMF delegation is currently in Bucharest for a first evaluation of the stand by agreement with Romania, worth 12.5 billion euro.