Speculation related to alleged illegal arms transports and links with terrorist organizations have nothing to do with real facts and form a campaign to systematically discredit some state institutions, a press release of the Romanian Presidential Administration says on Thursday. The statement comes days after a journalist alleged on his personal blog that the President's brother was involved in a super-secret operation of international traffic with large quantities of explosives.

Journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu wrote on his blog on Monday that five ships arrived from Thailand to the Romanian port city of Constanta carrying ammunition and explosives, in an operation involving Mircea Basescu, President Traian Basescu's brother.

The journalist also claims that the head of state was informed by anti-graft prosecutors and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and ordered a halt of all operations carried by domestic intelligence body DGIPI in the case.

The presidential press release on Thursday says President Traian Basescu has learned that for the past several days "some politicians and people close to them" have launched a campaign to systematically discredit certain institutions of the state.

The release says the President assures the Romanian people that the state institutions have the capacity to manage problems related to national security. And it says Traian Basescu "will explain at the proper time what stands behind the political and media manipulation".