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Czech PM: US will scrap the missile shield in East Europe

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Joi, 17 septembrie 2009, 15:54 English | Top News

"USA will give up plans of installing a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic", Czech PM Jan Fischer declared after a telephone conversation he had with the US President Barak Obama, Reuters informs. The American leader will make an official announcement on Thursday. Quoting Wall Street Journal, the news agency reads that the Administration in Washington wants to reduce tensions with Russia, but it will alarm European allies.

American and Polish officials discussed on the issue on Thursday in Warsaw. Reuters notes that the information will alarm East European countries that have sought within the last two decades the US' support and protection against their former master from the East, namely Russia. The vice-Foreign Affairs in Warsaw declared that using mass-media is not the way governments communicate between them. He believes there are "serious chances" for the shield to be installed in Poland and he is waiting for the final decision in Washington.

Russian officials refused to comment. But a source from Moscow's Foreign Affairs Ministry said that such a decision will help develop the Russian-American bi-lateral relationship. Russia is waiting for the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates to make his statement.

According to Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration revised the missile shield plan. The George W. Bush administration used to claim in the past that such a shield will protect the US and their European allies from missiles coming from Iran or North Korea. But the current American administration believes that Iran hasn't made much progress in this matter and that the US and the European allies are not threatened at the moment.  

Plus, Obama has been saying since the start of his mandate that he aims for better relationships with Russia, so that both countries could work together against Taliban in Afghanistan and reduce their nuclear weapons.

The Bush administration decision of planting a missile shield in Poland determined Kremlin to announce that they will not reduce their nuclear stock and considered it to be a threat at Russia's national security. Wall Street Journal read that the US will ask for missile shields in certain Europe regions that will be less threatening to Russia's security.  

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