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 President Traian Basescu proposes a referendum for a unicameral Parliament on the day Presidential elections are scheduled on November 22

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Joi, 24 septembrie 2009, 16:06 English | Top News

President Traian Basescu proposes a referendum for a unicameral Parliament and 300 Parliamentarians, at maximum, on the day Presidential elections are scheduled, November 22nd, 2009. The President explained that a smaller Parliament will be less corrupted and less politicians will follow their own interest.

The government launched a reformation process of the system, Basescu declared referring to the recent act of the government to assume responsibility on a three pack law. The declaration comes in the same day in which the Parliament rejected the censure motion initiated by the Liberals and Hungarian Democrats against the government.

Here are some of the most important declarations:

  • I addressed the Speakers of the two Parliamentary chambers, and requested their permission to continue the state reform
  • The approval is needed for the organization of a national referendum through which we need to consult the people on two aspects: 1. unicameral Parliament and 2 the decrease of the number of Parliamentarians to 300
  • Romania has a 471 member Parliament

  • the only solution to push forward things is to consult the people
  • A unicameral Parliament with a smaller number of Parliamentarians will answer to the needs of Romania
  • the decisions will be easier to take and the Parliament could become efficient
  • state expenses will decrease considerably
  • EU level transformations, once the Lisbon Treaty will enter into force foresees a close collaboration with national Parliaments
  • Romania will have another Parliament Chamber at Brussels or Strasbourg

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