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Social Democrats threaten to exit the governing coalition unless Interior minister Nica is reconfirmed

de A.C.
Luni, 28 septembrie 2009, 13:47 English | Top News

The two scenarios debated in the general meeting of the Social Democratic Party is to either exit the governing coalition or reconfirm Dan Nica as Interior Minister, after PM Emil Boc revoked Dan Nica. Social Democratic Party spokesperson Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz declared that their party maintains their political support for Dan Nica.

Dan Nica is also the vice-president of the government. Duvaz said that PM Emil Boc breached the governing coalition agreement and needs to assume all consequences. Nica, on the other hand, said that this attack throws Romania in an unprecedented political crisis which can have serious effects over the people if we are to consider the economic crisis as well.
  • Those directly responsible for setting off this crisis are Basescu and Boc
  • Interior minister bothers through his fight against organized crime
  • I swore allegiance to Romania not to gangs

PM Emil Boc announced on Monday that Interior minister will be laid off and the Social Democrats have 24 hours at their disposal to name somebody else. 

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