Political instability was expected before the presidential elections, without a short-term impact on the country's branding, Moody's analyst Kenneth Orchard declared for Romanian press agency NewsIn. He said he would become "much more worried" if the crisis extended over 6 to 12 months.

"On short term, the link between economic evolution and political restlessness is weak. We would have been much more worried if the situation extended over a period of six to 12 months, impeaching structural reforms. But we believe that the crisis will not extend. We expect things to calm down by the end of the year", Orchard stated.

According to him, bearing in mind the international financing agreement, the IMF showed "a remarkable tolerance" towards Romania, especially because the current Romanian political situation was easy to predict, NewsIn informs.

Orchard added that he is not expecting a drastic change in Romania's image overseas from the foreign investors perspective because "those interested in Romania know it is rather a common situation" and that "there will always be pressures before elections".