"PD-L continues to assume the government act. PSD decided to leave the Government and join the electoral campaign. The only target PSD has is the presidential elections, because Mr. Geoana is worried he might lose the second place as well", PD-L fist vice-president Adriean Videanu declared on Thursday, after the social-democratic ministers resigned from the Executive.

Most important statement Adriean Videanu made:

  • "PSD sacrifices a country for a man. PSD had an alternative to continue governing: to name another Interior minister. The vice-PM role, a political role, would have also belonged to PSD."
  • "From the beginning of the governance, PSD had a double-faced attitude: it was governing, but in the Parliament, it was in the opposition."
  • "PSD is responsible for the situation created. PD-L will carry on and complete the governing act."
  • "The country must not stagnate because Mircea Geoana needs to exercise electoral campaign."
  • "We'll use all the legal and constitutional measures to govern well. We don't want the political crisis to degenerate into a social one."
  • "Emil Boc will decide if he keeps the PSD ministers in the Government for 15 more days. (n.b. Emil Boc might go for this option so that he can name temporary ministers from PD-L later for 45 days, until after the elections, without the Parliament's vote)."