PNL first vice-president Ludovic Orban declared on Thursday for NewsIn that his party appeals to Traian Basescu, Romania's president, to start consulting the parties in order to form a technocratic Government, headed by an independent PM.

"PNL returns with the request that the President recognises that at this moment he does not have a Government, and to start the procedures of constituting a Government of technocrats, led by an independent prime minister" Orban said. He explained that the mandate of such an Executive could manage the economy and organise fair presidential elections.

"After the economic crisis, the administrative chaos, the social tensions and making the public institutions political, Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana created today a political and governmental crisis", Orban added. According to him, "the competition" of the two parties is now evident, which questions the correctness of the elections to come.

PSD president Mircea Geoana declared on Thursday that social-democratic ministers were leaving the Government, claiming that Traian Basescu is to blame for the "great" political crisis. The president named Vasile Blaga, his campaign chief, to head the Interior Ministry.