Anti-Fraud Office prosecutors in Great Britain will seek the General Prosecutor’s approval to pursue a case against BAE Systems, which is suspected of involvement in corruption deeds in countries such as Romania, South Africa, Tanzania and the Czech Republic. The BAE System brand is connected with the selling of second-hand frigates in Romania in 2002.

The Anti-Fraud authorities announced that BAE Systems (the second largest world arms producer) did not reach an agreement with the prosecutors. Therefore, they will seek General Prosecutor Patricia Scotland's approval to pursue a case against the company.

According to a lawyer quoted by AFP, the prosecutors are to requests penalties worth of 1.1 billion euros.

The unfair commercial behaviour which BAE Systems is suspected of involvement:

  • Selling Romania two second-hand frigates; British prosecutors accuse that BAE Systems paid illegal commissions to Romanian politicians.
  • Selling a military radar in Tanzania (illegal commissions).
  • Selling Gripen aircrafts in the Czech Republic (bribery allegations).
  • Arms trade in South Africa (illegal commissions worth of 160 million dollars).