Liberal-Democratic Party (PDL) vice-president deputy Ioan Olteanu declared on Thursday that his party is ready to govern alone, labelling PSD as "a cowardly and proud party, lacking any responsibility", Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. Asked if there will be decentralised chief replacements, Oltean stated that it will happen only where people have been promoted due to their party membership instead of their skills.

  • "PSD is a cowardly, proud party, lacking responsibilities, but PDL is ready to govern alone. For the moment, we're focused on consolidating the temporary governmental formula. Then we will see what happens."
  • "We will not replace chiefs today or tomorrow, because we have more important issued to deal with. We need to consolidate the temporary governmental formula. There have been many abuses. We will not have people replaced, except the where they have been promoted backed by their party membership and who, in their turn, acted on political command".