PLN president Crin Antonescu declared in Timisoara on Thursday that his party will keep an eye on the manner in which the temporary minister roles will be assigned and PNL's point of view is certain to take the form of a censorship motion against the Executive, because the PDL Government is "utterly unrepresentative", "without any parliamentary majority".

Statements Crin Antonescu made:

  • "Following minister Dan Nica's dismissal and PSD redrawing from governance, we have a government that is utterly unrepresentative."
  • "This episode of the political crisis that has been carrying on for nine months, the fatal last episode - namely Nica, was generated from Cotroceni, by Traian Basescu, carried through the Prime Minister, aiming to take over the executive power. This is another tick in his agenda, that is to get to the elections with a personal Government. It is a Government that only represents himself."
  • Regarding this Government, we'll see who will be chosen by the Foreign Affairs Ministry: Mrs. Udrea, Mrs. Placinta, Mr. Gabi Sandu? We'll observe the way the temporary roles are distributed and there is no doubt that our point of view will take the form of a censorship motion, probably, because it is a Government that has no parliamentary majority."
  • "The truth moment for PSD is here again. In this moment, if PSD members understand, nevertheless, that it is Romania's fate at stake, they will have to support our motion, the way they did not do it when it was about assuming the anomalous laws, Emil Boc taking responsibility for the unique income scheme (...)."
  • "If this motion is passed, Traian Basescu will need to accept a Government of technocrats, without a political colour, to act immediately in the remaining two months before the elections."
  • "We can't leave the elections to be handled by the Government anymore."
  • "I warn Traian Basescu to stop dancing, to have the courage to come before Romanians and talk to them about Romania, not about his political fights with Geoana, Nica or Vanghelie. If Traian Basescu loses the elections, and I assure him that he will, he will need to leave behind a country that can be governed."