Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea to meet at 11:30 am with Union representatives as over 800,000 personnel across sectors announced that they will go on strike today. So children will miss school today, hospitals will not admit patients unless they are urgent cases and general departments in public finances and other departments will be shut down, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs. Budgetaries protest against the plans of the government to lay off hundreds of personnel over the next years and against the unique salary scheme law.

UPDATE 1: PM Emil Boc arrived at 11:45 am to the meetings at Labour ministry between the interim minister Gheorghe Pogea and union representatives, who organized the general strike on Monday from the budgetary sector.

Overall, it is about 800,000 budgetary personnel in health, education, public and local administration, Public Administration Union president Razvan Bordeianu said. SED LEX union President Vasile Marica declared at RFI that this is the biggest protest in the recent history of our country.