If unions come up in a week or month with a new hierarchy of salaries, within the maximum threshold and is signed by all unions, I am willing to promote it, PM Emil Boc declared on Monday, after the meeting with union members. At their turn, union representatives announced that talks ended without a clear result. They are decided to move forward with protests and threaten with a general strike.

Unions declared that they will continue protests after negotiations ended on Monday. PM Emil Boc declared after the meeting that the government has no problems in paying salaries and pensions but he is not willing to give up the ten unpaid days for budgetary personnel because it could endanger payment possibilities.

He underlined that he is willing to promote a new version of a unique salary law if they all agree on a version and approve it. He added that salaries will not reduce once the law will be implemented and denied the information that salaries in education will decrease by 40%.