As the unique salary scheme law enters into force, noone will suffer a decrease in salaries, PM Emil Boc declared on Monday. He explained that even though there were declarations saying that the salaries of professors will drop by 40%, this is not true. He underlined that a general strike could endanger the payment of salaries and pensions even if, at the time, the government has no problem in paying for it.

Here are the most important declarations

  • There is no reason that would justify a general strike. Salaries will not decrease and in some cases will increase
  • Entries in the Health and Education sectors will be encourages
  • The salary increase in the budgetary system will increase by 56% between 2010- 2015
  • Professors, doctors and public servants will witness an accelerated increase
  • The government is open to the social dialogue
  • A strike is not the solution for the current situation. A general strike can endanger the payment of salaries and pensions even if at the moment there is no problem
  • The stability of the country is endangered by the strikes
  • The budgetary sector was least affected by the crisis
  • We are open to find solutions to the problems Romanians are dealing with
  • I urge you to think rationally and attempt to find a solution together, through dialogue