The crushing defeat Romania's national football team suffered against Serbia this weekend (5-0) has sparked outrage among football fans in Romania, and football club owners have pointed their fingers towards national team coarch Razvan Lucescu and player Adrian Mutu.

While football club owners in the country consider Lucescu the main responsible for the failure, the public at large blames player Mutu.

Adrian Mititelu, owner of U Craiova football team, says Dan Petrescu would have been a much better option instead of Razvan Lucescu. Marian Iancu, owner of FC Timisoara, claimed half the national team was made of players who would not deserve to be there, but had the support of key decision makers.

Sports newspapers for their part reported that much of the public blamed player Adrian Mutu for the disaster in Serbia, which saw Romania reach fifth place in its group with the same number of received goals as the Feroe Islands team.