The Romanian Parliament debated on Tuesday the motion of censure against the government in a session that started at 10 a.m. and lasted until 2 p.m.. According to statements from the Opposition the government can be considered dismissed. PSD leader Mircea Geoana announced that all Social Democratic Parliamentarians would vote in favor of the motion and Liberal Antonescu warned that Liberals who do not vote the motion risk exclusion from the party. Vote on the censure motion started shortly after 2 p.m.

UPDATE 1 10:05 Social Democratic and Democratic Liberal Parliamentarians declared for that the motion will be decided only after the last vote is cast

UPDATE 2 10:08 Democrat Liberal Parliamentarian: The opposition will only have 234 of the necessary 236 votes to dismiss the government. Hungarian Democrats will vote against the motion

UPDATE 3 10:13 Liberal Orban: the motion will pass with 10 votes more than the minimum

UPDATE 4 10:27 The meeting dedicated to the motion was delayed by half an hour and the motion debate will last three hours and a half, the two Chambers decided. The government will only have one hour to present its point of view and Parliamentary groups will have 156 minutes to express their opinions.

UPDATE 5 10:34 PM Boc declared that he does not fear the debate, and the pensions issue is a problem that is worth his mandate, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs

UPDATE 6 10:38 Hungarian Democrats will vote the motion by secret vote while Liberals and Social Democrats will have an open vote

UPDATE 7 10:41 39 Parliamentarians are absent from the debate

UPDATE 8 10:47 Liberal Nicolaescu reads the text of the motion

UPDATE 9 10:50 Parliamentarians contacted by avoid taking a firm stand and are convinced that each vote counts a lot

UPDATE 10 10:58 PM Boc addresses the Parliament: Social Democrats and Liberals attempt to block the pensions law through this motion

UPDATE 11 11:02 PM Boc: 81% of the Romanians want that to be calculated depending on contributions / Liberals and Social Democrats are against 81% of the Romanians.

UPDATE 12 11:05 PM Emil Boc: show me a government that, in the last 20 years had the courage to decrease salaries of luxury budgetary employees and cut to half the number of governmental agencies

UPDATE 13 11:10 PM Emil Boc addresses the Parliament: Parliamentarians proposed the government that, instead of the pensions law, to sustain a motion against pensions even though this is not constitutional

UPDATE 14 11:12 Hungarian Democrat Marko Bela announces that Hungarian Democrats will vote in favor of the motion, according to Romanian news agency Mediafax.

UPDATE 15 11:18 Reactions of Liberal Parliamentarians: the faith of the motion is on the edge: if the motion drops, the motion could be a disaster for the Liberals / Democrat Liberals: the number of absentees could increase

UPDATE 16 11:25 Economy minister Adriean Videanu: The motion will not pass. I worry about the strike, not about the motion, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

UPDATE 17 11:38 PM Emil Boc urges Parliamentarians to vote in favor of the national interest, like the party recommends.

UPDATE 18 11:44 Mircea Geoana addresses the Parliament: the crisis could not be avoided but the country's current condition is entirely the fault of the Democrat Liberals

UPDATE 20 11:50 Mircea Geoana: we will promote the pensions law by December 1

UPDATE 21 11:53 Antonescu addresses the Parliament: the motion has no connection with the pensions law

UPDATE 22 12:00 Antonescu Boc's government and the Democrat Liberals lack any honor. This government will fall

UPDATE 23 12:04 Antonescu: Romania will loose the battle for the agriculture portfolio because of the Boc government

UPDATE 24 12:06 Social Democrats: We fear that Parliamentarians with debts to the state will vote against the motion

UPDATE 25 12:08 Liberal Vosganian said that the four Liberal absentees will be excluded from the party

UPDATE 26 12:12 Hungarian Democrat Hunor addresses the Parliament: this government killed any hope that Romanians can have a good living

UPDATE 27 12:17 35 of the 39 absent Parliamentarians are from the Social Democrats and Liberals

UPDATE 28 12.44: Ex-PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu (PNL) before Parliament: "This Government cannot remain unsanctioned in a parliamentary democracy. With the Basescu-Boc political style you'd lead Romania to a regime with a dictatorial leaning. We cannot accept a revival of dictatorship"

UPDATE 29 12.59: Emil Boc: I urged parliamentarianss to vote whatever is best for the country

UPDATE 30 13.08: Viorel Hrebenciuc (PSD) brought a large number of PSD absentees to the Parliament

UPDATE 31 13.22: Radu Berceanu (PDL) claims initiators of the censure motion tried to offer money to PDL MPs to vote in favor of the motion

UPDATE 32 13.31: Emil Boc speaks before MPs again: Demagoguery reached unprecedented levels. PSD MPs criticize government because it issued emergency ordinances buyt urges us to push pensions law through an emergency ordinance. This Government had the courage to cut where it hurts most - privileges

UPDATE 33 13:54: Minutes before the vote, PDL officials said they expected the motion to fall by 5 votes presents the evolution of the meeting in the Parliament. Stay tuned.