President Traian Basescu declared in a press conference that the government's rule is democratic and in accordance to the Constitution. Follow Basescu's main declarations in the article.

  • I remember how the Romanian government fell and the Radu Vasile government was dismissed - for those who refer to democratic governance
  • Boc was a responsible and responsive PM, he had the courage to assume reforms like: salary law, Justice codes, education law, pensions law
  • I would mention also the draft legislation which the Boc government was preparing: the two codes for the judicial system
  • Referring to the political situation, it was launched after some political aims which targeted the upcoming Presidential elections. I think the plans were wrong, and did not take into account Romania's interests
  • I want to refer to the decency of PM Boc who proposed to  revoke Interior ministry without talking about the political mess of the ministry
  • Parties are wrong to engage in a political fight, with no objective, in the detriment of the Romanian population