Intense political negotiations have been taking place on the future government of Romania after the Executive run by Democratic Liberal Emil Boc lost a censure motion in the Parliament on Tuesday. President Traian Basescu invited political parties on Wednesday for a new round of talks on the formation of new government, with opposition parties supporting Sibiu mayor Klaus Johannis for the position of prime minister. But sources say Basescu might opt for somebody else.

President Basescu invited parties for new talks at the presidential palace at 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

He made the call shortly after the Liberals (PNL), Social Democrats (PSD), Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) and representatives of the national minorities sent a letter to Basescu saying they, as a new parliamentary majority, supported Klaus Johannis, an independent, to take over as prime minister. They showed that the parties supporting the Sibiu mayor accounted for 65% of all Senators and Deputies.

For his part, Klaus Johannis said he accepted the offer to be nominated for prime minister. He said he was an independent, but not a non-political candidate for the job.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Presidency told on Wendesday that it should be expected that the President nominate a future prime minister from incumbent prime minister Emil Boc's Democratic Liberal Party PDL, but that that candidate would not be Boc. Should this be the case, Klaus Johannis has little chance to be accepted by President Basescu.

Gandul newspaper reported on its web page on Wednesday that Lucian Croitoru, a National Bank governor's aide, was considered within PDL as a possible technocratic prime minister.