Romania President Traian Basescu invited political parties for consultations at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday to inform them on his conclusions following Tuesday talks on a new government, to replace the Democratic Liberal government of Emil Boc, which lost a censure motion in the Parliament. Basescu made a series of statements on Wednesday, showing that he would not want a government of technocrats as suggested by opposition parties, but instead would support a government of national unity.

Basescu said, among others, that:

  • I suggest the idea of a government of national unity as the only solution to stop accusations between political parties.
  • I understand that most political parties opt for an independent prime minister, we may discuss the issue but the rest of the government must be a political one
  • What serious technocrat would accept to take over as prime minister for a month and a half only for politicians to tell him then that it's time to go?
  • Parties should reflect on the responsibility of governing in a period when the economic situation risks getting out of control.