Lucian Croitoru is the new designated PM. He will choose his team of ministers in ten days and present in front of the Parliament. Basescu announced on Thursday, at 13:35 and added that the IMF will postpone their mission scheduled to Romania for an evaluation until a new government is installed.

Basescu said that he chose Croitoru because of his economic expertise, necessary for this moment. Croitoru announced that on the short term he will organize elections and continue IMF arrangements and on the medium term he will push the pensions law and the fiscal responsibility one.

Here are some of the declarations of the President:

  • Traian Basescu: I consulted all political parties and hear divergent point of views among parties and my vision about the nature of the new government, in a period of economic crisis. Because the crisis needs to end, I nominate Lucian Croitoru as PM.
  • Lucian Croitoru corresponds to the requirements of the parties, except of the Democrat Liberal Party, who demanded an independent candidate
  • IMF announced that they will postpone the Romanian evaluation mission due to a lack of a full power government
  • Next week we will receive a new installment from the World Bank. Romania needs a Prime Minister with economic background.
  • I will never understand why the government had to fall a month before elections. Romania urgently needs a government
  •  I had three proposals for PM: one was mine, then the Democrat Liberal proposal and the proposal of the Liberals and Social Democrats and Hungarian Democrats 

Lucian Croitoru: I thank the President for the trust. I will do whatever I can best to take this mandate to its end. I am an economist, I represented Romania at the IMF for four years.