The nomination of Croitoru as Prime Minister does not represent a solution to the current political crisis because he will not receive the vote of the legislative, Social Democratic and Liberal Parliamentarians declare, accusing Basescu of ignoring their coalition making up 65% of the Parliamentary majority.

Mircea Geoana accuses Basescu that behind his proposal is his intention to maintain the Boc government until elections. Social Democratic Viorel Hrebenciuc, says that the IMF agreement does not read that the PM needs to have an economic track and accuses Basescu of ignoring the parliamentary majority already formed.

Liberal Antonescu said that the 65% majority formed in the Parliament by their coalition will not vote for Croitoru. Democrat Liberals are the only one to announce that they will sustain Croitoru in the Parliament.

Klaus Johannis, nominated by the PNL, PSD and UDMR coalition says that his wife will be relieved that he will not be named PM.