President Traian Basescu declared on Friday, at the public radio that the ideal PM would have been Mugur Isarecu but the National Central Bank governor could not be changed in such a situation. He underlined that he would like to see Croitoru's cabinet governing until 2012 if he will be instated as PM.

This was one of the reasons he refused Iohannis as PM: it is clear that the Social Democrats would have tried to dismiss the Iohannis government in the Parliament immediately after Presidential elections.

Basescu declared that if the government is not formed soon, Romania might not cash in the money from the IMF and the EU and thus will not be able to pay salaries. Romania cannot pay salaries and pensions without installments from the IMF and the EU.

Basescu said that only 750 million euro will go to the National Central Bank and the rest will be used to cover the budgetary deficit.

UPDATE Basescu underlined that unless a government is approved by the Parliament by the time of presidential elections he may dissolve the Parliament on December 7. "The incumbent president would do that, nobody waits for the new president", he said.