Liberal candidate standing for Presidency Crin Antonescu talks online with readers about the political crisis and presidential elections. The best questions will be found in a coverage by and RFI Romania, moderated by Dan Tapalaga.

Here are Crin Antonescu's main declarations:

  • I will form an alliance after Presidential elections with the party/parties with a viable economic program, able to reorganize and normalize fundamental institutions.
  • President Basescu did not propose a compromise but he attempts to impose a personal solution. I proposed the compromise, with an authentic independent candidate. A national union government is non realistic and would favor party struggles.
  • I insist to endorse Iohannis because I managed to set up a Parliamentary majority in his favor in less than 24 hours because the public has nothing to comment about him.
  • Until the Presidential elections the Iohannis government would be a government of technocrats, an emergency government. After elections Iohannis could lead a political government, with a negotiated political program with left or right wing parties.
  • The only efficient way to gain the trust of the population in the political class is to fundamentally change the behavior of politicians.
  • I think that the main Liberal component in my actions as president will be to reassess the state-citizen reports and the relations between institutions and state's powers.
  • The only reason we are forging a coalition with the Social Democrats is because it is necessary for the country.
  • I do not believe that we could avoid the crisis but I am convinced that the Social Democratic and Democratic Liberal government had the obligation to adopt measures to overcome this period.
  • The best thing politicians can do for the youth is to transform Romania in a normal country, with functioning institutions in the favor of the citizens, to have public policies targeted to the major interests of those governed and to seek all opportunities to create more opportunities.

I think Romania will gain a Commissioner at the EU, but it is important which portfolio it is. Romania should put forward more names and options than Ciolos for agriculture.