"I will write it back at them", was President Basescu's reaction after the MPs voted in favour of supporting Klaus Johannis, Sibiu's mayor, for the premiership on Wednesday morning. Lib-dems met on Wednesday morning, after 10 a.m. for a Managing Council meeting. President Traian Basescu took part as well. PD-L is the only party to have announced its support for Lucian Croitoru as Romania's future PM.

Traian Basescu thanked PD-L members for their support, announced that he will submit his candidacy for the presidential elections and assured his party he would win the coming elections. Basescu said the he will not summon the parties for consolations anymore for naming Romania's PM and said that the true reason for dismissing the Boc Government through a censorship motion was the senators and deputies' wish to avoid a referendum for a single-chambered Parliament.

"We have the urgent need to attract the 3.5 million euros missing from the budget in November and December", Basescu added, insisting that the political crisis needed a quick solution.