During the Wednesday meeting at the Work Ministry, the patronages proposed the unions to freeze the minimum income for the first six months of 2010. It should be kept at its 2009 level, namely 600 lei a month. The announcement was made by the Romanian Industry Workers General Assembly (UGIR 1903) vice-president Dragos Mihalache.

  • "Depending on the economic conditions, an increase in salary will be discussed only after the first six months", Dragos Mihalache said. According to him, the real budgetary investment in the recent period was zero.

In his turn, UGIR 1903 president Cezar Coraci indicated that there is a growing fiscal pressure in Romania, especially when Bulgaria saw its VAT reduced during crisis.

The patronages' representatives said they will continue the discussions with the unions, but they note that the Government's support is needed.