The Romanian electoral campaign reminds me of last year's intense campaign in the US, US Vice President Joe Biden declared after a two hour meeting with President Basescu. Biden thanked Romania's support in the new US anti-missile project and added that it will support the creation of a transit pipeline in our country.

Basescu took advantage of Biden's visit to talk about the Republic of Moldova. Here are the main declarations:

  • I had a serious and honest meeting
  • US and Romania will continue as close allies
  • In Romania this electoral campaign reminds me of last year's US campaign
  • I congratulate Romanians for the steps in democratization
  • We have a strong strategic partnership
  • We share the same principles and values
  • We collaborate in Afghanistan, Western Balkans and Iraq
  • Your soldiers are warriors
  • I appreciate the support of your government for the new US anti-missile project in Europe
  • We are support Moldova's economic stability, and we hope to greet it in the euro-Atlantic structures
  • Irrespective of who will win elections in Romania, the partnership with the US will continue

Here are President Basescu's main declarations

  • This is the first high level visit since the new US administration was installed
  • Romanian American relations are consolidating
  • From our point of view, nothing change in our relation with the US
  • I discussed about the increase of American investments in Romania
  • Peace and security are not free, they cost
  • Romanian soldiers are the only ones who rule over some American soldiers